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M | manual settings

Next part in the camera training is the manual configuration on the camera (mode M). If you’re shooting for some time, you will recognise that AV and TV limits your creativity. That’s when M comes into play. In this mode you have full control of the camera. This means you can set the shutter speed […]

TV | shutter speed

Let’s move on in the camera training with the mode TV (Time Value). On some cameras this mode is also called S. This mode is needed when you are going to shoot objects which are moving fast or just aren’t staying still. Let’s say a football match or if you are on a concert. The Shutter […]

AV | aperture value

Let’s start the camera training with the mode i liked the most when i started shooting: AV (Aperture Value). Your camera might as well call this mode A. The Aperture Value defines how much open your lens will be. The more open the lens is, the more light is able to get into the photo. But hold on, […]

ISO | light sensitivity

Everyone working with a DSLR camera has come across the ISO value. The ISO value defines the light sensitivity of the sensor within your camera. The higher the value is, the more sensitive the sensor reacts to light. This means that the camera doesn’t need that much light to take the picture. But hold on, […]